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Student Charter

Disclaimer: due to the return of the basic grant, changes to article 9.2. Profile Fund will possibly follow.

In the Student Charter, students’ rights and duties are set out in the areas of education, tests and examinations, student facilities, participation, legal protection, etc. This charter is established in accordance with art. 7.59 of the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW).

Student Charter Regulations

The Charter also contains regulations with respect to registration, tuition fees, and financial support. There are three regulations at the Student Charter:

  1. Regulations Registration and tuition fees
  2. Regulations Profile fund
  3. Regulations Dual Career

In the column on the left, please find the contents of Chapters 1-10 and the regulations.


In addition to the general part, the Student Charter also contains a School-specific part, the Education and Examination Regulations (EER).