Students Tilburg University

Sanctions against cheating

If examiners or invigilators notice someone cheating during an examination, they make a note of it on the work after it has been handed in and they also confiscate any pieces of evidence. After the examination, the examiners or invigilators write a report for the school examining board. In the case of plagiarism, the lecturer involved will notify this fact to the examining board.

The type of punishment students can expect, if they plagiarize something or cheat, depends on the seriousness of the misconduct. The examining board can impose one or more of the following measures:

  • In all cases: the examination involved is declared invalid;
  • The examinee is excluded from up to five specified examination opportunities. In doing so, the examining board takes the stage reached in the examinees course of study into account;
  • If there is fraud involved in writing up a bachelor or master thesis, a new thesis will have to be written.

As soon as the examining board has decided on appropriate sanctions, the student involved is informed in writing of the decision. If the student does not agree with the imposed punishment, he or she can appeal in writing to the Commission of Appeal for Examinations.

In addition to the rules made for the whole university, individual faculties have their own supplementary rules and measures for dealing with cheating and plagiarism. Please consult the websites of the schools.