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Thesis Together

Are you facing the daunting task of writing your thesis? No need to do it all alone! Thesis Together is here to connect students like you who are working on their thesis: in person and virtually. Together, you can work on your thesis, share tips and tricks, or simply help each other stay motivated.

Why Thesis Together?

Writing a thesis can be overwhelming, and while you do receive support from your supervisor or program, there are often limitations on how often you can meet or ask questions. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Struggling with motivation?
  • Want to boost productivity between supervisor meetings?
  • Curious about how other students are navigating their thesis journey?
  • Seeking more feedback on your thesis drafts?
  • Wondering about effective thesis-writing strategies?
  • Alone in your thesis journey after finishing your courses?
  • Need to vent your thesis-related frustrations?

Thesis Together is there for you! 

What is Thesis Together?

Thesis Together is your hub for support from fellow students who are tackling their theses. We offer three key ways to help you succeed:

Writing Groups

Writing alongside peers in the same space can boost your productivity and motivation. Register here to join a writing group. The Scriptorium places you in a writing group and helps you and your group organize and run the first meeting. After that, you should be ready to meet regularly with your group and work on your thesis together.

Thesis Together on Canvas

Connect with fellow students, form writing groups, ask questions, and share tips on our Canvas discussion board. Access valuable resources from Scriptorium's writing experts within the Canvas course. Enrol yourself here.

Students from any program working on their bachelor’s or master’s thesis are welcome to join. Thesis Together is a collaborative effort from the Scriptorium (Tilburg University’s academic writing center) and the student psychologists.

Frequently asked questions

Is Thesis Together suitable for me?

If you're working on your thesis, it's perfect for you—regardless of your program, thesis stage, or experience.

When and where are the writing group meetings held?

The Scriptorium will help you arrange a time and place for your first meeting. After that, you can either book a room for each meeting in LibCal, or the Scriptorium can help you book a room if you wish to meet on a weekly basis for a longer period. You decide on meeting times with your group during the first meeting.

How are the writing groups formed?

Writing groups are only made up of students working on their thesis. We strive to create writing groups by grouping students, in order of priority, ...

  • with a similar aim for joining the writing group
  • in similar stages of the writing process
  • from similar degree levels (bachelor’s or master’s)
  • from the same school or even department
What do writing group meetings look like?

Short answer: You bring your laptop and work on your thesis. 


Longer answer: 

  • We will help you run the first meeting. In this first meeting, you establish the purpose and format of the writing group. 
  • In future meetings, say ‘hi’ to your fellow thesis writers and tell each other what you’re working on. What’s going well, and what is more of a struggle? This helps break the ice.
  • Work on your thesis.
  • Ask each other questions and/or answer those of others. Share any tips and strategies that work for you.
  • Take breaks. Grab a coffee with your fellow thesis writers and get to know each other better. 


Want to get the most out of the writing session? Follow these pro tips:

  • Tip 1: Set a goal for what you want to achieve during the meeting. Share it with the others, and at the end tell each other briefly if you achieved it. Didn’t make it? Say what you’ll do next time to catch up. This helps keeping yourself accountable for the progress you made. 
  • Tip 2: Use to time yourself and to remember to take breaks.
Who will be there during the writing group meetings?

Only your fellow writing group members. No lecturers or psychologists are present.

Do I need to register for the writing groups?

Yes. You can register here. We will place you in a group once we have enough registrations to form one. 

Can I just show up for writing group meetings when I like?

Joining a peer writing group is a commitment. You stand to benefit from regularly joining group meetings, and so do the other group members. We strive to form groups around students in similar stages of the thesis writing process to ensure the group stays together until all members have completed their thesis. In your first meeting with the group, you determine for how long you intend to keep the group running. Of course, things happen. Always stay in contact with your group so they know what they can expect from you. We aim to make groups large enough so that even when members drop out, the group can continue running.

Are there any costs to joining a writing group?

No, not at all. This service is 100% free.

How can I join the Canvas course?

You can enroll yourself by using this link

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