Kom naar een culturele avond in de Maranatha kerk bij Tilburg University

Maranatha Evenings

A simple and fun way to see if the student chaplaincy is for you is to join one of the Maranatha Evenings, every second Thursday.

Cultural Evening

Maranatha evenings are cultural evenings that begin with a meal at 18:30 hrs followed by a movie, listening to a piece of (classical) music together, being introduced to a work of art or literature, or a conversation on a theme. The language of communication is English (unless all participants can speak Dutch).

There are no Maranatha Evenings in July and August and in the four weeks after Christmas.

Have dinner together

For the meal, a contribution of 6 euro is asked (this includes the drinks with the meal). This amount should be transferred by Wednesday to IBAN NL 76 RABO 0354 2975 89, stating your first and last name and the date of the Maranatha evening.

You can also deposit the amount in cash in a sealed envelope, with your first and last name and the date of the Maranatha evening written on it, in the mailbox of Maranatha, no later than Wednesday. 

Please note: the meal is only for those who participate in the entire Maranatha evening. If you register but do not show up (or cancel on Thursday), you still have to pay the 6 euro, because the purchases are already made.

A maximum of 12 people can participate in the meal. If the meal is fully booked, you can participate in the second part of the program after the meal, at 19:45 hrs.

Check our app for the program of the next Maranatha evening!

Sign up via the app

To participate, you must sign up via our MyRKK app,  no later than Wednesday. If you don't have the app, please send an e-mail to chaplainnl@protonmail.com.

Enjoy cooking?

Do you like cooking? Then sign up to prepare the meal by sending an e-mail to chaplainnl@protonmail.com a few days before the Maranatha evening. Thursday morning you will hear how many participants there are. You will then do the shopping yourself (just the food, you don't have to buy the drinks). Of course you will get a refund and you don't have to pay for the meal yourself. 

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