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Studium Generale Grant Fund

Students and associations can apply for subsidy for study trips and new activities that are educational in the field of science and society ('Understanding Society').

The Studium Generale Grant Fund is anchored in the objectives of Studium Generale. 


The subsidy applications should also meet the following criteria:

  • It concerns study trips or new initiatives and non-regular activities for and organized by students of Tilburg University;
  • The applications are provided with a clear project description, planning and budget;
  • The budget takes into account a contingency of 5%;
  • Applications by university student or study associations are expected to contain a balance sheet that shows the association does not possess the necessary means to finance the intended activity (with the exception of study trips, see below);
  • The granting is conditional; after the activity, it will be verified if the activity has been completed as planned. With this in mind, the definitive payment will be determined.

Guaranteed subsidies

All grants are guaranteed subsidies. This means that the Studium Generale Grant Fund guarantees that the applicant will receive a predetermined grant amount to cover a shortfall in the budget, provided that this expected shortfall actually materializes. You can show this afterwards by submitting a statement of accounts. If the shortfall is smaller than expect, the grant amount will be lower. If the shortfall turns out to be the same or higher than expected, you will receive the predetermined amount, provided that all requirements are met.

Study trips - requirements for application

In the context of broad academic education, which Tilburg University aims to provide, study trips have an added value.

Quality requirements study trip
Own contribution and sponsorship
Maximum Grant amounts

File an application

You are advised to contact the secretary of the Grant fund Studium Generale, Annelieke Koster, before officially submitting your request for review. She will consult you on the feasibility of the request. 

What should a request contain?
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The management committee of the Fund consists of fiveTilburg University students and three Tilburg University employees.

Managing Committee - Academic Year 2021 -2022