Students Tilburg University

Initial registration - minors

This registration procedure is for academic year 2021-2022.

There are two types of minors:

  • 1: covenant minors
    A covenant is an agreement between your current educational institution and Tilburg University. This covenant contains a specific programme and can be followed to obtain premaster credits at TiU, while you have not yet completed your HBO education.
  • 2: individual minors
     At Tilburg University, you will take one or more courses that will be integrated into your study programme at another HBO or WO educational institution. For this you need permission from your school

The registration procedure differs for both types of students. The applicable procedure is detailed below.

The required forms and additional documents to complete the registration in a minor in the first semester should be handed in at Tilburg University's Student Administration before September 1. For registration for a minor starting in the second semester the deadline is February 1.

1: Initial registration as a Covenant minor student
2: Initial registration as an Individual minor student