Continuation of studies (BSA)

Continuation of studies (BSA)

The school has yet to provide Student Administration with the BSA notification. This will be no sooner than August 17.

After the first year of a Bachelor’s program, each school informs its students in August whether they will be allowed to continue with their studies. This notification is often referred to as ‘binding study advice’ (BSA), a literal translation from Dutch (bindend studie advies'). If this item is included in your action list, it means that your school has not yet informed us, or that you have received a negative BSA. The latter means that you are not allowed to continue taking the program or related programs. For more information, please visit the relevant web page: Binding Study Advice. Do you have any questions, please contact the Student Desk.

If it is a positive advice (or deferred), the item will disappear from your action list.

You may also have applied for a program through Studielink which forms part of a cluster of programs. However, this program belongs to the same cluster as another program on which you were not allowed to continue your studies (in Dutch higher educational terms, you received a ‘negative BSA’) or for which you still have to receive an advice. This also prevents you from enrolling in a program that forms part of the same cluster. For more information, please contact the Student Desk.

Please note that the bsa standard in 2021-22 was 36 credits; in 2022-23 the standard is 42 credits. If your bsa is delayed now, you must pass at least 42 credits of first-year courses in 2022-23 for a positive bsa.

Action to be taken by student:

If your BSA is negative and you are not allowed to continue your studies, you should log in to your Studielink account, cancel your enrollment and, if you so wish, enroll in a program that is part of a different cluster.