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Binding Study Advice (BSA)

Students who are enrolled for the first time for a program must earn 42 credits in the first year in order to receive a positive binding study advice (bsa) and be allowed to continue their studies. On this page you'll find the rules, and what to do if you are unable to earn those credits due to circumstances.

Changes related to coronavirus
What is a binding study advice?
How many credits must you earn?
What is the process behind the BSA?
What should you do if you receive a negative BSA?
Required reporting of extenuating circumstances
Deferred BSA
Proposed BSA
Appeal procedures
To make an appointment

Do you want to stop before March or not?

If you deregister from Studielink before March 1, you will not receive a BSA and you may start again in September. You can read whether it is wise to do so, or whether it is better to just continue.

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