Students Tilburg University

Tuition fees loan

If you receive study finance from DUO, you can borrow the amount for your tuition fee, in addition to the regular study finance.

You can apply for the tuition fees loan retroactively on MijnDUO until the beginning of the academic year.  If you want it from September, you must apply for it in August.

Even if you are no longer entitled to a 'basisbeurs' (basic grant), you can borrow this amount. If you have to pay institutional fees for a second program, you can borrow a maximum of five times the amount of the statutory fee. This is possible as long as you are still entitled to DUO-study finance. At the Student Desk, you can have the form filled out that DUO needs to determine the amount of institutional tuition fees you pay.

Please note that the loan is paid monthly. Therefore, these monthly payments do not run concurrently with collection of the payment installments. Please keep this in mind. Make sure you have enough money in your account on the payment dates for the tuition debit. This is always around the 25th of the month (with the exception of December).

Not entitled to DUO-study finance?

EEA students are eligible for the tuition fees loan even if they are not entitled to DUO-study finance. Look for the conditions and application form on the  website of DUO.

DUO-study finance entitlement expired?

Students, including EEA- students, who have used up their study financing entitlements and/or are 30 years and older can apply for the 'Lifelong Learning Credit'. This is a loan for a (second) program for students who are no longer entitled to DUO-study finance. Check your eligibility. You can apply for this on MijnDUO.