Bestuurlijk actief tijdens je studie

Board grants and Committee grants

On this page you can read more about the conditions an association has to meet in order to be eligible for a board or committee grant.

Every university has a Profile Fund, to support students who experience delays due to special circumstances. This also includes board activities.

Conditions applying for a board grant

Under certain conditions, students can receive a board grant. One of the conditions is that the association is recognized by Tilburg University. Associations can apply once every three years.

In order to determine the number of board grants an association and a student are entitled to, a scan is carried out at the same time once every three years. The associations are asked to submit a board document by means of a fixed form. This board document will be more extensive in the scan year.

In the two intervening years, there will be a short evaluation. These documents will be used as a guideline for the substantive discussions that will be held with all associations. After a discussion with the board and assessment of the scan, the associations can receive a formal recognition from Tilburg University and, for three years, know how many board grants they can receive for the association.

There are also commission scholarships for committee work of substantial size. There are also committee grants for committee work of substantial size. The amount of a board grant is 334 euros per board month for the year 2023-2024. A board member can receive a maximum of 9 months of grants per academic year. For board members with an extensive workload, a maximum of 2 additional board grants are available.

If you receive a supplementary grant through DUO in your board year, you will also receive this in addition to the number of boards grants you have been granted. You can enclose a copy of the DUO statement showing the amount of the supplementary grant per month in the academic year in which you have done board work with the application for a supplementary grant.  

The associations are allocated as follows:

Group 1


As far as participation is concerned, the elected position is decisive and grants are determined for each position.

Group 2

  • Culture
  • Introduction
  • Work and Internship Mediation
  • Society and Internationalization

Group 3

  • Schools’ Study Associations

Group 4

  • Student Sports
  • Student Associations