Students Tilburg University

Research abroad

It is possible to carry out research abroad as part of your Bachelor’s or Master’s program. In most cases, this means that you will collect your research data abroad, complete an internship abroad as part of your Master’s thesis or write your thesis at a (partner) university abroad under the joint supervision of a lecturer at Tilburg University and the host university. You will often face a delay in your studies and practical problems such as finding the support you need while you are abroad (as well as at Tilburg University). Unfortunately, the study abroad advisor is not able to find you a research project abroad; you will have to do most of the work yourself.

Individual research proposal

If you would like to go abroad and your research subject is suitable for this, talk to the coordinator of the (Master’s) thesis and your supervisor (if you have already been assigned one). You will need to start preparing and write your IOV (individual research proposal) as early as possible, so it will have to clear at a very early stage whether going abroad is a practical possibility.


Some Schools of Tilburg University have scholarships available for research students.  Please contact your Study Abroad Advisor to collect more information.