Complete workflow and receive second scholarship payment from studying abroad

Complete workflow and receive second scholarship payment

You should have already completed the Pre-Departure and Exchange sections of your Mobility Online workflow. At the end of your exchange, there is one more section to complete: Upon Return. This is a short but important section. You can download an instructions document in your workflow to help you. You can also find an overview of the steps to complete on this page.

1. Complete Experience Report

First, we ask you to reflect on your exchange experience and complete the Experience Report. The report will be (anonymously) shared with future exchange students and will be incredibly useful to help them find their dream destination. The workflow gives you a template to fill in, so you don't need to create your own document from scratch. Make sure to complete all 4 pages, otherwise the system will not let you complete this section.

2. Upload transcript

Your host university should provide you with a transcript, showing all of the courses you followed during your exchange and the credits and grades obtained. Most of the time your host university will send your transcript directly to you, but sometimes they send it to your Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinator. In the latter case, your Coordinator will send you a copy. You then need need to upload it to your workflow.

3. Submit documents

After completing Step 1 and Step 2, you can click the button to "Submit Upon Return documents".

After you have submitted your Upon Return documents, your Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinator will then begin the credit/grade conversion process.