Background info on the EUCOTAX Wintercourse

The subject area of the EUCOTAX Wintercourse is 'The European Harmonization of Tax Law'. Both students and researchers explore and study a different theme. The program provides both an intensive instructional part as a joint scientific publication by the students and researchers.


The program was set up in 1993 to set up a permanent structure in order to stimulate the instruction in and research on European aspects of Tax law. EUCOTAX is an abbreviation of European Universities COoperating on TAXes.

The first Wintercourse took place in Tilburg, the Netherlands in 1993 on 'The Relationship between Fiscal and Commercial Accounts'. The course was set up as a try-out by the universities of Hamburg, Paris and Tilburg.

Because of its success, the number of participating universities has been extended in the years after.

Ultimately, the participants' intention is to cover the entire European Union. Therefore, a gradual extension of the number of participating countries is necessary.

Memories of 25 years EUCOTAX Wintercourse

In 2017 EUCOTAX Wintercourse celebrated its 25th anniversary with a congress about ‘State Aid, Intangibles and Rulings’. A booklet has been made with memories of the past 25 years and a summary of the congress.

Read the EUCOTAX booklet