Studying for exams

Requests for exemptions Economics and Management

As a rule, no exemption from a course can be obtained on the basis of previous education that has given access to university education. For example, an exemption from a university course cannot be obtained with a completed VWO or propaedeutic HBO course. 

Of course, this also applies to Bachelor's programs on the basis of which you are admitted to a Master's program. Exemptions are never granted in the HBO pre-Master's programs.

However, if you have passed courses within another university program in addition to the program that grants admission, you may be eligible for one or more exemptions.

Applications and review

  • You can submit a request for exemption via Osiris Zaak.
  • If you want to apply for an exemption for several courses, you must complete a separate form for each course.
  • When assessing an exemption request, the (corresponding) content of the course plays a role, as well as the number of credits, which must be at least equal to that of the course for which you are requesting an exemption.


  • Exemptions can be requested as soon as you have a student number. This number is provided when you have registered for our university via Studielink.
  • Requests for exemption must be submitted no later than week 3 in which the course is taught. In principle, you must follow the course until it is known that an exemption will be granted.


If you have any questions before applying for an exemption, please contact the education coordinator of your study program by e-mail.