Voor medische zorg kun je bij je huisarts terecht

General practitioner

Medical aid for international students.

How does the Dutch healthcare system work? Do I need to register with a General Practitioner?

It is common in the Netherlands to go a General Practitioner (GP) if you have physical or mental problems and also before you go to the hospital, especially in non-emergency situations.  You can only consult a specialist, with a referral from a GP.  See also this Knowledge Clip Healtcare in the Netherlands.

A GP-practice is often affiliated with several health services, e.g. physiotherapy or low-threshold psychological support by a practitioner.

We strongly recommend you to register with a GP shortly after arrival in Tilburg, because it makes scheduling an appointment often quicker and easier.

How to find a GP?

A general practitioner is called a 'huisarts' in Dutch. For recommended GP's, see list below (under the heading  General practitioner for international students).  You can also look for a GP via the online yellow pages under the heading of 'Huisarts" and filter on your hometown.  Before registering as a patient, please first call the practice to ask whether they are accepting new patients (each practice has a maximum number of patients that they are allowed to see). If a practice does not take on new patients, you can often go there only once, as a passer-by. In that case you need to pay immediately for your consult.

The 7 practices listed below do take international students of Tilburg University.

Another option would be to contact your health insurance agency to request a list of practices that are accepting new patients.

Consulting a GP

A GP can be consulted by appointments which can be made by phone or in person during consultation hours. Approximately ten minutes are allowed per patient. It is possible to ask for a double appointment in advance if you feel that this will be necessary. House calls are kept to a minimum. The costs for a consultation are approximately € 27. You will have to pay this amount in cash, but you can claim the expenses back from your insurance company (depending on your insurance).

If you have (basic) Dutch health insurance, e.g. because you work here, then general practitioner care is always free of charge.

Basic rules

  • Sometimes it is not always possible to make an appointment on the same day; in that case you will need to make an appointment at a later date.
  • If you have made an appointment and you decide not to come, or you are not able to come, please cancel your appointment! Sometimes, you have to pay if you don't show up at an appointment and you did not cancel it of canceled it too late.
  • Please do not call the emergency number unless there is a real emergency (a life threatening event).
  • If you call outside office hours, you may be referred to another practitioner.
  • You might be asked to pay for the consultancy. You can claim these expenses from your health insurance.
  • Make sure your health insurance is in order!
  • To consult a specialist you will need a referral from a general practitioner. 

If you want to know more about the Dutch healthcare system, please check the website Healthcare in the Netherlands.

Medical services other than GP

If your GP has  referred you to a therapist, and you don't live in Tilburg, you may use the website Find a therapist. If you are looking for help or therapy in your own language, there is a large (online) offer on this site worldwide, but not in the area of Tilburg.

When do you have to see a GP?

In the Netherlands, medical care sometimes works differently than you are used to. In the Netherlands, medication, e.g. antibiotics, is written out much less quickly. It is normal to wait and see if something is bothering you first, many ailments will pass by themselves. If you have a cold, it takes on average a week before the virus is eliminated, regardless of whether you are taking any medication.

You don't have to see a GP for that. But if you find it disturbing, you should of course just contact a GP.

For simple medical problems, you can often also visit a pharmacy or drugstore (e.g. Kruidvat, TrekpleisterDA, Etos), which are experts in self-medication and can provide information about it.

A reliable website for information and advice on various complaints is thuisarts.nl or download the app "moetiknaardedokter". Unfortunately, it is only available in Dutch, but with a translation program you can go a long way.

You can also consult HelloDocHealth, a multilingual telehealth solution for foreign students waiting to be seen by their GP. You can speak to a certified doctor online for non-urgent medical complaints, e-prescriptions and a broad range of primary health services. You can also consult a therapist for mental health challenges. Health services are being provided in 10+ different languages.

At which GP practices can I register? (Addresses for (international) students)

There is a shortage of general practitioners in our region. (For addresses of GP practices in Tilburg and other places, see this overview  - only in Dutch). Most of these practices do not accept any new patients. An exception is made for one-time visits by foreign students. If you live in the immediate neighbourhood and are looking for a new GP,  you may be placed on the waiting list. But first try one of the general practices listed below, who are happy to welcome international students. 

Don’t be discouraged if the first practice you approach does not accept any new patients. Simply phone the next practice on the list and keep trying. In case you do not succeed in registering with any of the GPs on this list, please send an email to Ms. Indira Vaessen (i.vaessen@tilburguniversity.edu) at Student Development, to ask for alternative options.

Please first read How does the Dutch healthcare system work? and When do you have to see a GP?  above.

Do you have questions or would you like to make an appointment? Please send a message to the email address of one of these practices:

Tilburg-West (near the university)

1. Huisartsenpraktijk Tilburg-West

2.  Huisartsenpraktijk Conservatoriumlaan 

Tilburg City Center

3. Huisartsenpraktijk Binnenstad

4. Perron1 Huisartsen

North-east of the center (across the railroad)

5.  Groot huisartsenzorg



You can also consult HelloDocHealth, a multilingual telehealth solution for foreign students waiting to be seen by their GP. You can speak to a certified doctor online for non-urgent medical complaints, e-prescriptions and a broad range of primary health services. You can also consult a therapist for mental health challenges. Health services are being provided in 10+ different languages.

What can I do in case of an emergency and support outside office hours?


  • Off-campus: call 112.  

    Dutch police has released 112NL app for contact with emergency services. People in the Netherlands who cannot hear or speak well can now reach the 112 emergency control room via a smartphone app. The app  is also suitable for people who do not master the Dutch or English languages. Download links: Google Play StoreApple App Store

  • On-campus: call +31 (0)13 - 466 2525.
  • Telephone helpline for students of Tilburg University who are experiencing personal, mental or emotional problems because of COVID-19: call +31 (0)6 28771262, available daily from 08:00 to 23:00 hrs. 
  • If you are thinking about suicide and think you have no one to turn to, call 0800 - 0113 (free) or chat with 113 online (suicide prevention).
  • You can contact the Listening Line day and night (anonymously and free of charge) for a conversation about anything that is bothering you: tel. 088 - 0767 000 or chat via the Listening Line.
  • The emergency number of the crisis intervention team Tilburg is 0800 - 8013, available day and night for acute psychological emergency situations of someone around you (not if you are in an emergency situation yourself).


 If there is no life-threatening situation, but you feel that a doctor should look into your medical complaints at short notice, you contact the Stichting Huisartsenposten Midden-Brabant, which consists of two emergency locations in the region of Midden-Brabant.

About 100 general practitioners work together to guarantee medical care at night, the weekend, and on official holidays. You can go to the emergency post for urgent general practitioner care, which cannot wait for the next consultation hour of your own general practitioner.

First of all you must telephone: +31 (0)85 - 5360 300.

See also fees Huisartsenpost.

Visiting address Huisartsenpost

  • Lage Witsiebaan 2a, 5042 DA Tilburg