Students Tilburg University

Legal position students

The fact that you have enrolled and paid your tuition allows you to derive certain rights.

Legal status as a student: Student Statute

You can derive rights from the fact that you are registered as a student. This also means you have to meet a number of obligations. These rights and duties, which result from the 'Higher education and scientific research act' (WHW) have been put down in the Student Charter.

The following subjects are treated in the Student Charter:

  • Enrollment with the rights and duties that go with it (procedures, tuition fee, ending, financial support, etc.).
  • Education (organization of course of studies, study load, study coaching, study progress inspection, study advice, etc.).
  • Say (university council, faculty council, faculty board).
  • Legal protection (appeal procedures at the Commission of Appeal for the Exams (College van Beroep voor Examens), Commission of Appeal for Higher Education (College van Beroep voor Hoger Onderwijs), ombud commission, etc.).

A number of supplements include the separate regulations on enrollment, tuition fee, financial support, governing scholarship, computer network, ombud commission, complaint regulation in case of sexual harassment, library regulations.

Education and Exam regulations (EER)

The Education and Examination regulations treats subjects related to specific courses of studies, amongst which the organization of the course of studies and the EER.

Regulations of Tilburg University

It is of major importance that you are aware of the existing rights, duties and regulations and conditions you have to fulfill to be eligible for a certain regulation. Carefully read through the Student Charter and the accompanying regulations.
Especially in the field of financial matters, strict conditions are laid down. This applies for instance if you want to request financial support (in case of a study delay). If you want to lodge an appeal or objection against a certain decision (e.g. if you do not agree on the result of an exam), strict conditions apply.
There is an official complaints regulation (see Chapter 10 of the Student Charter). If you have a complaint, other than about educational matters (such as examinations), file a complaint online at

Participation at the management of Tilburg University

Students are entitled to decent education. The management participation organs of Tilburg University and especially the Schools feel very strongly about education quality. The contribution of students, both through councils and study commissions, but also through student organizations and groupings, is of paramount importance to achieve good education. For certain functions in these advisory organs, a management participation grant (bestuursbeurs) is granted.

Student grants and loans

Students up to the age of 30, having Dutch nationality, enrolled for a full-time higher education course of studies, are entitled to Dutch Study finance.
On certain conditions, students not having the Dutch nationality are entitled to student grants and loans of the Dutch government. If you are an EU citizen and you have a regular job for at least 56 hours a month, you are entitled to a Dutch grant!
For more information, see the website of DUO

Code of conduct for undesirable behavior

Sexual harassment can show itself in various ways. For instance in the shape of jokes, touches, non verbal utterances and if it comes to the worst, assault or rape. This can disturb your normal way of functioning. You might become afraid to go to work or to your lectures, you draw in your horns, you change study subject. For students and staff members, for everyone finding him/her self undesired sexually approached on campus, there are two sexual harassment officers you can address yourself to. Furthermore, there is a complaint regulation you can appeal to.

Confidential advisors

The sexual harassment officers are there to help you and know which way to go in case you want to lodge a complaint. If you have any questions, if you just want to talk about what happened to you, or if you consider to lodge a complaint, don't hesitate and contact one of the Confidential advisors.