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Study delay and requirement to report this

Reporting circumstances is required!

Due to special circumstances beyond your control (force majeure), you may be delayed in your studies.

It is compulsory to report special circumstances that may lead to a delay to a Dean of Students in a timely manner, for example for first-year students in connection with the Binding Study Advice (BSA), or when you want to call on Financial Support for Students (FOS) in due course. This is a financial compensation for the delay in your studies.

If you wish to submit a request for a provision for Dutch student grants (DUO), for example an extension of the grant, you must also report the special circumstances in time. Notifying an education coordinator is not enough; you must do this with the dean of Students.

Notification of special circumstances is also useful, because the dean of Students advises the examination boards, for example if you wish to submit a request for a postponement of a deadline or an extra examination opportunity on the grounds of those circumstances.

Non-EEA students with a study visa must reach at least 50% of the study load each year. Only if they fail to meet this requirement due to special circumstances, which were reported to a dean of Students in time, can we prevent these students from being deregistered from the IND. See also Study progress monitoring non-EU students.

Delay due to a management position, exchange with a foreign university, work or your own company in addition to your studies or other matters of your choice do not fall under force majeure: this is your own choice and therefore does not fall under the regulations for financial compensation or postponement BSA, and therefore not under the reporting obligation.

Please note: in many occasions not reported means not counted. The circumstances will only be taken into account once you have reported them.  Read here if this also applies to you: do you have to report special circumstances and if you have to,  with a Dean of Students or someone else?

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