Students Tilburg University

Information, guidance, and advice if you are in doubt about your choice of program

Do you have any questions or doubts about your choice of program or your study progress? Below please find a list of people you can go to for help.

Edication coordinator

You can discuss any doubts about your choice of program with the education coordinator of your program. Sometimes the underlying problem is the way in which a subject is taught or the study method you use. Or perhaps a program with less abstract theory and more emphasis on practical skills is a better fit for you. In that case, a similar program at a university of applied sciences may be a good alternative.

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Student Career Services

Student Career Services offers advice and guidance to students who have questions on choosing a program or a career. Support takes the form of individual interviews, workshops, and training. The Reorientation on Study Program workshop (which is offered multiple times per semester), which is warmly recommended, is obligatory for first-year students who have questions about their choice of program.

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Student Desk

This is where you can go if you have any questions on practical matters in case you need to interrupt your studies or want to switch to a different program: application, enrollment, Studielink, tuition fees, proof of tuition free payment, etc.

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Deans of Students

You can go to them for information and advice on the consequences of stopping or switching to a different program for study finance, enrollment, and tuition fees.

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Student psychologists

If you suspect that personal problems are interfering with your study progress and increasing your doubts, you can schedule an appointment with a student psychologist. Consultation, short-term individual counseling, or training are among the options available.

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