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Unlock Success: Master Your Assessment with Expert Preparation! (LTP)

You are in the application procedure for your new job or are preparing for it. An assessment is increasingly becoming an essential part of the recruitment procedure.
What might an assessment look like and can you prepare for it? This workshop is carried out by our external partner LTP in collaboration with Student Career Services.

LTP is the oldest psychological HR consultancy (assessment agency) in the Netherlands. They offer numerous assessments throughout the Netherlands under one roof, from online to live and gamified assessments. This is your chance to take a look behind the scenes and receive advice and tips from the assessment psychologist.

In addition to the experience of completing a valid personality questionnaire and achieving the results, you will learn:

  • What exactly an assessment is, how do you prepare, and what types of assessments exist 
  • Which competencies are considered essential by the employer How to remove a review day can be seen 
  • What different capacity tests, practical simulations, models and instruments are available (reinventing assessments) 
  • What the Big Five means in relation to the personality questionnaire. Through the Big Five personality test, organizations want to gain insight into the character and personality of the applicant. 
  • Achieve your test results and how you can move forward with them 
  • How to Prepare for The Interview & Expanding the STARR Method.


Theory and practice, interactive. We apply a maximum group size to be able to respond interactively to questions and results. Before the workshop you complete your own personality questionnaire. You will learn to interpret this during the workshop. How does the assessment psychologist view it?

Workshop information

Target groupMaster students and final bachelor students looking for a starter job
Duration3 hours
When?Exact date coming soon
TrainerLTP in collaboration with Student Career Services
Number of participantsAt least 5, no more than 20


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