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Canvas: digital learning environment

Canvas is the digital learning environment with courses. A Canvas course may consist of announcements, documents, exercises, assessments etc. It provides you, through Single Sign-On, with as many important study applications and information resources as possible.

Information Flow

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Want to know more about Canvas? 

  • Check the frequently asked questions on the Self Service Portal.
  • Or check the Quick start for students. This is an online course for all Students who want to learn more about Canvas. You can learn about Canvas in several ways:
  1. Read more about the functionalities (scroll down and click the underlined links),
  2. Watch video's (scroll down and watch the video's, hint: watch it in fullscreen)
  3. Try to work with Canvas for real (just click the modules or the button 'try out Canvas' below)


Canvas has replaced Blackboard as from the academic year 2019/2020.