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E-mail for students

Directly check your university mail

All students at Tilburg University are provided with a Google Apps @ Tilburg University account. E-mails from the university will be send to your official Tilburg University e-mail address.

Check the Self Service Portal IT for answers to questions such as:

  • How can I forward incoming university mail to another e-mail address?
  • How can I read university mail on my phone or tablet?
  • What should I do when I have forgotten my password?

Google Apps @Tilburg University

Students receive a Google Apps @Tilburg University account. Other services besides e-mail and calendar are sharing documents, real-time collaboration, building own sites and more. Check the webpage Google Apps @Tilburg University for additional information.

Using e-mail addresses students and staff

Via the Tilburg University web all e-mail addresses of students and staff are available. This is a service intended to search for individual addresses and using them for mass mail (spam) is prohibited. It is prohibited to send mass-mail to people unknown to the sender. If this rule is violated, consequences will be taken.