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E-mail for students

All students at Tilburg University are provided with a Google Apps @ Tilburg University account. E-mails from the university will be send to your official Tilburg University e-mail address.

Directly check your university mail

    Google Apps @Tilburg University

    Students receive a Google Apps @Tilburg University account. Other services besides e-mail and calendar are sharing documents, real-time collaboration, building own sites and more. Check the webpage Google Apps @Tilburg University for additional information.

    Using e-mail addresses students and staff

    Via the Tilburg University web all e-mail addresses of students and staff are available. This is a service intended to search for individual addresses and using them for mass mail (spam) is prohibited. It is prohibited to send mass-mail to people unknown to the sender. If this rule is violated, consequences will be taken.

    De-enrollment from education

    When the university has received your de-enrollment from education, you will receive an email from IT Support within a few days.  The message will state that your IT facilities will be blocked within 30 days. You therefore have 30 days from the moment of to clean up your Tilburg University mailbox and transfer files to your own personal email environment or computer.


    Check the Self Service Portal IT for answers to questions such as:

    • How can I forward incoming university mail to another e-mail address?
    • How can I read university mail on my phone or tablet?
    • What should I do when I have forgotten my password?

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