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Google Apps @ Tilburg University

Google Apps is the e-mail and collaboration platform for students at Tilburg University. For easy collaboration with our university’s school and staff, all employees are provided with a Google Apps @ Tilburg University account as well.

Check out for an overview of the functionality on offer.


You can log in at your Google Apps @ Tilburg University account via the university’s SSO service using your TiU username and password. Your login credentials stay within the university domain and won’t be passed on to Google.

Google Mailbox, Calendar, Docs and more...

Tilburg University students have access to the following services:

For more information about all Google Apps services for Tilburg University you can check out our Google Apps homepage, which you can find via

If you need help getting started with Google Apps @ Tilburg University you can check out the general Google Apps help pages.

Security and privacy

Protection of personal data in Google Apps @ Tilburg University is guaranteed by Google under the Safe Harbor guidelines. Nevertheless, if you have reason to think your privacy may be violated, and therefore have no intention using your Google Apps @ Tilburg University account, you can request an opt-out from mail delivery to your university Google mailbox.

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