Graduation ceremony

Master and diploma

Having successfully completed all requirements of a Master’s program, you must apply for your degree certificate. It is not awarded automatically. There are two main application procedures, depending on whether you will be awarded your certificate at a presentation ceremony or receive it immediately following the (successful) defense of your thesis.

This page provides further information about the application procedures and the dates of the degree presentation ceremonies.

Master degree certificate awarded at presentation ceremony
Master degree certificate awarded upon defense of thesis
Thesis defense prior to completing graduation requirement

All Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates are given the degree supplement along with the degree certificate itself. This is a document explaining the nature, level, context, content and status of the program which has been successfully completed.

Termination or renewal of your registration

Graduating in a month other than June, July or August
Graduation in June, July or August
Graduation in September
Award of degree certificate on or after 1 September