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Following a pre-Master's program

Most pre-Master's programs take one year to complete. If you do not complete your program in one year and you wish to continue on your pre-Master's program in the next academic year (if the corresponding Education and Examination Regulations (EER) permits it), you should follow the procedure for re-enrollment.

If you are joining a pre-Master's program for the first time, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Register in Studielink

Go to Studielink and follow the registration procedure, which is explained step by step. Make sure that you choose the correct pre-Master's program (the one that you have been admitted to). If you choose a pre-Master’s program to which you have not been admitted,  the enrollment process will not proceed properly. Registration in Studielink can take place concurrently with an application for admission (Step 2).

Enrollment in most of the pre-Master's programs can only take place as of September 1. To enroll as of February 1, you have to move through the same steps as for the September enrollment. However, you have to choose for ‘February 1’ in Studielink.

Step 2: Submit an application for admission

In addition to registering in Studielink, you must also submit an application for admission to the relevant School’s Admissions Committee. The exact procedure varies between programs and/or schools. For more information, open the drop-down menu below and click on the pre-Master’s program of your choice.

List pre-Master's admission (requirements & procedures)
Pre-Master School
Accounting Economics and Management
Business Communication and Digital Media Humanities
Public Governance Law
Christianity and Society Theology
Communication and Cognition Humanities
Filosofie Humanities
Finance Economics and Management
Fiscaal Recht Law
Fiscale Economie Economics and Management
Human Aspects of Information Technology Humanities
Human Resource Studies Social and Behavioral Sciences
Information Management Economics and Management
Interculturele Communicatie Humanities
International Management Economics and Management
International Business Taxation Law
International and European Public Law Law
Jeugdliteratuur Humanities
Kunsten, Publiek en Samenleving Humanities
Law and Technology Law
Lerarenopleiding Nederlands Humanities
Management of Cultural Diversity Humanities
Marketing Management Economics and Management
Marketing  Analytics Economics and Management
Ondernemingsrecht Law
Organization Studies Social and Behavioral Sciences
Religie en Ritueel Humanities
Rechtsgeleerdheid Law
Sociology Social and Behavioral Sciences
Strategic Management Economics and Management
Supply Chain Management Economics and Management
Theologie Theology
Zorg, Ethiek en Beleid Humanities
Step 3: Notification from Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee will process your application for admission and notify you of its decision. Check Studielink to make sure you are enrolled for the same program to which you have been admitted. If you are enrolled in the wrong program,  you should de-enroll for that program and enroll in the correct program.

If you have not yet registered in Studielink, you should do so as soon as possible!

Even after receiving a notification of admission (possibly conditional*), you are NOT YET enrolled at the university. Proceed to step 4.

* ‘Conditionally admitted' means that you have to fulfill certain conditions before final admission. For example, you may still need to submit a degree certificate.

If the Admissions Committee notifies you that you have not been admitted, please do not forget to cancel your registration for the program in Studielink. You may then register for another program if desired.

Step 4: Completion of enrollment

Registration in Studielink does not mean you are automatically enrolled at Tilburg University. See completion of enrollment for information on what you need to do to make sure you are properly enrolled for your degree program. 

Study Introduction 

Each School has its own study introduction. During this introduction you get to know practical matters about your study and  you meet your fellow students. 

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