Studying for exams

Special examination arrangements

If you want to take an exam in an adapted form because of a disability or (chronic) illness, you must request permission to do so. This is called a special examination arrangement. Below, you can read how to do this.

Study delay?

If you expect to delay your studies because of your disability or (chronic) illness, please report this to the dean of students

Request for examination arrangement

Fill in the Request form special examination arrangements

Important to know:

  • Submit a piece of evidence along with the form. Check the webpage Supporting documentation in case of illness or special circumstances to see what requirements a piece of evidence must meet. 
  • On behalf of the examination board, the dean of students decides whether you are eligible for a facility and, if so, for which one. This applies to a number of standard provisions, such as extra time. If your request concerns a custom-made provision, the examination board will determine whether and for which examination arrangement you are eligible. 
  • If your request is approved, you will receive a Decision Examination Arrangement (DEA) by e-mail. This will state the date on which your facility takes effect. In case of a chronic handicap, your DEA is valid as long as you are registered at the university and pay tuition fees.  This means that you do not have to submit a new request if you change your study program.

Turnaround time 

After submitting the application form, you will hear within 30 days whether your request has been granted or rejected. In handling the requests, we observe the legal rules of the Equal Treatment Act . We look at what is necessary and appropriate for you as a student and what can reasonably be organized from within the university.

Making use of the granted arrangement

To make use of the granted arrangement, you must follow the following procedure for each exam:

  • Register for written exams in the usual way via OSIRIS Student. You can read more about this on the webpage Written exams and midterms.
  • If you have received test arrangements, these will automatically be available to you during your exam.  Like all students, you will receive a call 4 working days before the exam. The time of the exam can differ by a maximum of half an hour from the time of the exam in the regular room. Your exam call will state the time.
  • If you know in advance that you are not going to take a particular test, send a message to so that we do not have to set up facilities for you.
  • Can't take the exam at the last minute? Then sign out in OSIRIS Student.

General examination rules

The exam rules that all students must follow can be found on the website about written exams and midterms

Course evaluation

When you take a test or an exam with a facility, you are usually in a different room than the regular test or exam. In that case, for privacy reasons, you will not receive a course evaluation form afterwards. Since you are usually the only one taking a particular test or exam, the answers can too easily be traced back to the student who filled it out.