Online exam with TestVision

Tilburg University usually uses the TestVision software program for e-assessment on campus. In the May-July 2020 exam period, this assessment software will be used for organizing online remote exams.

As a student, you will mainly take online remote exams with Canvas or TestVision in May-July 2020. For these online exams you will need a valid registration in OSIRIS to be allowed to participate. If a student does not have a valid registration, participation in an online exam is not possible!

Prepare for your TestVision exam

You are informed by your lecturers and via the exam notification whether an online exam is taken with Canvas or TestVision. If you are going to make an online exam with TestVision, you are advised to take this practice test and answer a number of questions to become acquainted with the program and get a picture of what TestVision looks like.

In addition, as a student it is very important to consult the document Online exam with TestVision: important instructions for students carefully, to be well prepared at the start of the exam and to know where to turn to in case of problems during the exam. In order to be able to help you quickly in the event of any problems during the exam, it is important to follow the instructions in this document.

During the exam

You are strongly recommended to use TestVision in the web browser Google Chrome. Go to the web page of TestVision and make sure you are logged in on time for the official start time of the exam. To do so, follow these steps:

  • After opening the TestVision web page, choose the option ‘Login via SURFconext’
  • Enter your Tilburg University username and password
  • Then open the ‘Take test’ menu
  • You can start with the exam from the official starting time by clicking on the arrow behind the exam concerned. You do not have to enter a specific exam password.
  • The lecturer has determined the duration of the exam and this is indicated on the instruction page of the exam in TestVision. Keep a close eye on the passage of time during the exam and submit your exam on time in TestVision.
  • If you have any problems during the exam, please contact immediately.