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Procedures when switching to a different program

Procedures when switching to a different program

De-enrolling from Tilburg University

You can simply de-enroll via Studielink. For more information, see the de-enrollment webpage. If you are unsure or in doubt on whether or not to stop or switch to a different program, please consult a dean of students

Discontinuing student finance or notifying DUO of your new program

If you de-enroll and do not, or not yet, continue in a different program, students with Dutch study Finance from DUO need to indicate the end date of their study program in MijnDUO in order to discontinue their student finance. Please remember to cancel your student travel product at the same date that you are no longer entitled to student finance.

If you de-enroll and subsequently enroll in a different program, you need to notify DUO about the start date of your new program in MijnDUO. In that case, you need not discontinue your student finance or cancel your student travel product.

If you switch to a different program without de-enrolling from Tilburg University (which is also possible: you do not have to terminate your enrollment if you quit your studies), you can request proof of tuition fee payment (Bewijs van Betaald Collegegeld, BBC) from the Student Desk. You can use it to enroll in a different program without having to pay the tuition fee again. You will continue to pay at Tilburg University until August 31. In Studielink, tick the box that you will be paying with proof of tuition fee payment (a BBC).

Admission requirements and exemptions

If you switch to a different program, different admission requirements apply, depending on your prior education. Whether you can get exemptions if you switch depends on your grades in your previous course of studies. Ask the academic advisor of the relevant program about admission requirements and any exemptions. If you switch to a different program at Tilburg University, ask the education coordinator. Please note that if you have a residence permit based on study purposes (non-European students) and are allowed to switch to a different program, the study progress monitoring requirement still applies.

At Tilburg University, you can only enroll in a (different) program after October 1 if the Executive Board gives its permission. It will only do so in very exceptional circumstances.

If you enroll after September 30, you will not receive binding study advice at the end of the first year. However, at the end of your second year, you need to have successfully passed all first-year courses (100%) to get a positive BSA.

If you need a statement of courses passed to start a different program, you can request a transcript of grades. Please remember to copy the course descriptions from the course catalogue so you can always explain what the course was about and what literature you used.