Honory doctorates 2002

Dr. B.J.M. (Barend) van Spaendonck

Honorary supervisor Prof. Dr. F.J.H.M. van de Ven - 1956 - Faculteit Economische Wetenschappen

Dr. Barend Joseph Maria van Spaendonck (Tilburg, 1896 - 1967) received his doctorate in law from the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht and was the founder of the Bureau van Spaendonck. This Catholic administrator was curator—the position that would later be called secretary—of the university in the 1920s through the 1960s.

Dr. mr. B.J.M. van Spaendonck

He also held numerous positions, mainly as a administrator. He was, for example, secretary of the RK Werkgeversvereniging in the Diocese of Den Bosch (1919–1962), secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tilburg (1922–1962), secretary of the Algemene Katholieke Werkgevers Vereniging (1946–1962), member of the Unemployment Insurance Committee (circa 1946–1950), member of the Socio-Economic Council on behalf of the employers (1950–1962), member of the Party Council of the KVP (1954–1963), member of the Economic and Social Committee of the EEC, the European Atomic Energy Community and the Specialized Section for Social Questions (1958–1964), and member of the Committee on International Socio-Economic Affairs of the Socio-Economic Council (1959–1964).

Van Spaendonck also held many positions in employers' branch organizations and in the education and culture sectors. In 1994 G.C.P. Linssen published the book 'Van Spaendonck: een casestudy naar bemiddelingsgedrag,” a sketch of the pivotal role played by Van Spaendonck in the midst of business world and government.

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