Honory doctorates 2002

Prof. Sabina Leonelli

Honorary supervisor prof. dr. Maureen Sie – 2023 - Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

Sabina Leonelli

Prof. Sabina Leonelli received an honorary doctorate, presented by Prof. Maureen Sie, for her academic achievements, in particular in the context of the impact of Big and Open Data on research. She has held various roles to engage in dialogue with scientists and governments as an expert and ambassador. Her work connects the Humanities and Digital Sciences and is thus closely linked to the profile we pursue within our university strategy. She is convinced that we need to grow our awareness of the role that technological developments may play.

Leonelli: “The big challenge is redefining the very idea of “sustainable tech”, looking for tools and social structures that are both equitable and environmentally sound, and can help us humans better understand the implications of our interventions. This is where progressive academic institutions have a unique role to play, by providing a point of contact across sectors and social groups and promoting research and teaching that may benefit the planet in the long term and beyond the mere pursuit of financial profit. I understand Tilburg University to have taken these values as its core mandate, and I am proud and thankful for my new association with this endeavor.”

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