Honory doctorates 2002

Prof. dr. J.P.A. (John) Ioannidis

Honorary supervisor Prof. J. M. Wicherts - 2019 –Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

John Ioannidis (New York, 1965) studied medicine, is one of the most cited physician-scientists in the world, and has made contributions to evidence-based medical sciences, epidemiology, data science, and clinical research. He is currently Professor of Disease Prevention, Health Research and Policy, and Statistics at Stanford University.

John Ioannidis

Ioannidis is also known for his publications in the field of meta-research (research into research). In Professor Jelte Wicherts's eulogy, Ioannidis was honored for combining research criticism with the "strong and inspiring conviction that the scientific method can be used to improve the scientific method and that science is the way to advance our health and society.” He "shakes the pedestal on which science stands to ensure that knowledge not subject to criticism is real knowledge.”

In 2005, Ioannidis published an article in PloS Medicine entitled Why Most Published Research Findings Are False. The main causes, he says, are "sloppy research designs, unreliable research techniques, and worthless statistics—not to mention bias, fraud, and corruption."

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