Honory doctorates 2002

Mr. J. (Jo) Van der Hoeven

Honorary supervisor Prof. Dr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin - 1987 –Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid

Johannes (Jo) van der Hoeven (Amsterdam, 1916–2001) was a Dutch legal scholar with a special interest in constitutional law. After studying law at the Gemeentelijke Universiteit, he established himself as a lawyer; in the later years of this period, he was also a deputy subdistrict court judge.

Dr. mr. J. van der Hoeven

As a member of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA), he entered politics and became a municipal councilor in Amsterdam. He also had an academic career and through a number of intermediate steps, including professor, Rector Magnificus, and President of the University of Amsterdam, he became a prominent Dutch legal scholar. In 1980, he was nominated by the Council of State for the vice-presidency of this Council, together with G.H. Veringa. Because of this divided recommendastion, however, both were passed over and mr Willem Scholten was appointed. Van der Hoeven was still a member of the Council of State and there Chair of the Judicial Division.

He had several additional positions, including member of the Staatscommissie voor de herziening van de Grondwet en Kieswet (Staatscommissie-Cals/Donner) (State Commission for the Revision of the Constitution and Electoral Law); member of the Staatscommissie van advies inzake het rechtskarakter van de ambtenaarsverhouding (Staatscommissie-Toxopeus) (State Commission of advice on the legal nature of the civil servant relationship); and Chair of the N.J.V. (Dutch Lawyers Association). In his eulogy, honorary supervisor Hirsch Ballin emphasized, apart from the social merits, Van der Hoeven’s scientific work in the field of the Constitution and the Constitutional and Administrative Law.

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