Student portal

Who to turn to when I have problems, either or not related to my studies?

Do not let little problems get out of hand. Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the people mentioned below. They are here to help you!

    Questions about the organization and the content of your program?

    The education coordinators will answer any questions you might have about the organization and the content of your program. As such, they are linked to a specific School, or even specialize in specific programs.

    At various Schools, there are also other types of student counseling available, such as  tutoring and coaching.

    What to do in case of study delay?

    • In case of study delay, whether expected or not, you should immediately contact a Dean of Students
    • If you run into so much delay that you might not get past the Binding Study Advice (BSA) threshold, you definitely need to contact a Dean of Students. Deans of Students in their recommendation to the Examination Board can advise them to postpone their decision by a year.
    • If you have a visa for studying, you need to acquire at least 50% of your credits (30 ects) each year. If not, Tilburg University has to report you to the IND. If you have reported special circumstances during the academic year, you may be allowed to stay on and continue your program. It is really important therefore to report circumstances that cause delay.

    Other counselors

    You can contact the Student Desk to make an appointment with: