Janneke Hoenders - bestuurslid Fractie SAM

"At Student Party SAM I can develop my managerial skills"

Janneke Hoenders - External Affairs Officer SAM

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What can I do to develop my skills?

During your lectures, working groups and other forms of education, you will gain a lot of substantive knowledge. It is important for your future that you acquire more than just professional knowledge during your studies. That is why Tilburg University offers you the opportunity to develop your skills.

Learning a language
Digital Skills
Program a robot at Science Lab
Use and contribute to our open science platform
Study and Planning Skills
Writing and Information Skills
Career Skills
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Knowledge, skills and character

By integrating knowledge, skills, and character in our education, we support your personal development and prepare you for your future: your career and your role in society. Read more about the Tilburg Education Profile

Presenting: a useful skill for your career

Learning to present

One of the many trainings to develop your skills